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Things to remember when purchasing branded clothing…

high quality branded workwear

Do you or your staff wear uniform? Does it carry your branding? If not, why not??

Good quality uniform / workwear is the perfect way to promote your brand, it shows you take pride in your business / organisation and that you want people to recognise you name. If you are wearing it, people will see it and you never know who you will come across in a day.

If you have a premises your customers want to be greeted by professional, smart looking staff, this instantly helps to create faith in your brand and instils trust.  If you are out on the road or visiting your clients, uniform gives you and your staff instant recognition. What about when you go networking? By wearing branded clothing, you make yourself instantly recognisable to the group, standing out to potential connections even before speaking with them! Your brand travels with you and your staff where ever you go making it a familiar and recognisable name.

workwear and uniform supplier

Just one of our branded hoodie designs.

Here at Clothing Your Way, we live by our branding, we promote it at every opportunity even if we aren’t trying to sell anything. We have printed our branding onto a variety of garments such as winter coats now that it’s getting colder, polo shirts and formal wear for meetings and t shirts for casual days in the studio. This makes us instantly recognisable and it gives our team a sense of identity. We even wear it on the school run! Even we have been surprised by the number of enquiries this has generated.


We believe there are some key points to consider when purchasing new company clothing….


What is it’s intended use? Does your workwear need to be warm if you have staff working outside? Do you need it to be reflective if you are out at night? Does it need to be stain resistant if you get dirty daily?

-Do you want print, embroidery or sublimation? Print is a more cost effective option which boasts bright, bold and vibrant designs that really ‘pop’, this hard wearing, modern garment printing option is becoming increasingly popular with tradesmen and sports clubs as it is so versatile and hard wearing however it isn’t available on fleece items. Embroidery offers a much more corporate, traditional finish preferred by schools for uniform it steps in where print isn’t an option. Sublimation is perfect for white or light garments, the inks transfer straight onto the garment so you can’t feel that it’s there, ideal for running vests or band merchandise.

-Colours . Does your branding stand out on your chosen clothing colour(s)? Will it be bold and easy to read? If your workforce get dirty easily is white really the best option?

hospitality workwear

Feeling baffled by all the choices? That’s what we are here for. We believe in helping our clients, supporting them from the very first point of contact to help them make the right choices for their business or organisation. No hard sales, no pressure. We are just here if you need us. Our dedicated team have a wealth of knowledge to help you get the most out of your uniform and to get your branding to stand out in the crowd.

Each quote that comes to us is dealt with on a personal level. We want you to know just how much we value your custom and because we take care to provide a bespoke pricing structure that best fits your needs you can rest easy knowing you are getting the best possible value for money.

So whether you want to go the extra mile to impress that potential client or you want to keep your workforce safe and warm over the cold winter months take a look over our site and let us help you find the perfect solution with a friendly, personal approach!

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