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Networking – Why You Should Do It…

connecting people

Networking – Why you should do it for YOUR Development and your CAREER!


Having a wide group of friends is nice isn’t it?

A varied and large group of people you feel you can always talk to and there’s always that one friend that knows exactly what to say whatever the question is you ask them. A group of people where you always feel welcome and you never hesitate to ask questions or answer them, a group of people to experience life with and share those experiences. Well, that’s exactly what networking is and exactly why you should be doing it!


Networking is a big group of people with similar experience, knowledge and interests all looking to help or for help in one way or another. If you’re looking to further your career or stand out as a business then there is no better way than networking.

By expanding your own market awareness by talking to other similar businesses and expanding your knowledge of current trends and general going ons in your area of expertise, allows you to always be ahead of the game.  Networking also gives you the opportunity to establish some positive and beneficial working relationships with people, especially if you’re looking to work in collaboration with others, learning from their strengths and weaknesses and vice-versa. It also spurs on your motivation and creativity, giving you the chance to think from “outside the box” which gives some great ideas which you may not have otherwise thought of.

make connections

Networking gets your name out there!

Look to talk to and converse with people you would never have had the opportunity to talk to if it wasn’t for networking. People are separated by people they really want to talk to by as few as six other people. You may have heard about the six degrees of separation? This literally means that at most, you are six people away from that one person you really want to speak to, so that you can progress your career or your business. Usually though the degrees of separation are far less, the person you talk to in the first instance may be the person you really wanted to speak to!

From speaking to people comes recommendations and referrals, and these in this day and age have a far more significant impact on people’s decisions than an advertisement which has the latest and greatest celebrity in it, or the advertisement which has had a seven figure sum spent on its production. This will give your career and your business a very fast and significant boost you would not of had purely relying on advertisements that either you made yourself or you paid someone else to make for you.

Now if you’re big into Social Media, you can start developing your network of contacts straight away. Reach out to people, be interested in what they do, create some meaningful and engaging content which attracts people to you but then offer to meet them face to face if they want to and build that ever so important personal link to people. Make them feel valued, welcome and secure and in turn, they will do the same for you!

So in conclusion, build that network and keep on building it for years and years. You and everyone else will never be at the point where they’ve totally “made it” and no body could do it without an extra bit of help from someone. That person may just be the connection you would never had met without networking…

Take the plunge and make those connections at our biggest networking event yet. Networking With A Twist will be taking place at WhiteRock Primary School, Paignton on November 1st 2016 at 6:30pm, simply click the box below to book your place now.



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