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Don’t be afraid to ask for reviews

When we first started our company Clothing Your Way we had a dream that was to simply be the best, the best value for money, the best service and to be the people that come to mind when someone puts on Facebook / LinkedIn “I’m looking for a company that prints workwear / t shirts”

So, we did what most people do and research your local competitors, and then when we see another print or embroidery company in Torquay or Devon pop up we checked them out.

Some had great websites some didn’t, some had ok social media presence but most didn’t, 1 or 2 posts every 6 months was the norm.

We also made a point of looking for reviews, generally everyone had reviews and most around 5 to 20 5-star reviews, so we thought ok, lets aim for 25 5-star reviews, thinking gaining reviews is hard, who leaves reviews? it must be family and friends right?  and if it is family and friends do reviews matter?

Let’s fast forward on 20 months and we have just received our 102nd  5-star review on Facebook, 36 5-star reviews on Google and 42 5 star reviews on Etsy.

Having done some research based on Google and Facebook. We are the highest rated print and embroidery company in Devon (at least) and have even over taken some of the big national competition.

How did we do that and does it really make any difference?

Over a year ago I was sat in a networking event in Brixham and listening to a very engaging man Oliver Dax  from Monkey’s Paw consultancy ltd  who spoke about asking for recommendations, basically without trying to remember the actual figures, most people would happily recommend your business if you asked them to, but many people don’t ask so don’t end up getting the recommendations. This really hit home.

(check out Monkey’s Paw consultancy ltd here http://monkeys-paw-consultancy.com/)

The problem is how many of your customers do you actively say “would you please recommend our business to other people who would benefit from our services” maybe it’s a British thing because generally we don’t, maybe we are too polite, too shy or maybe just scared in case the customer ins’t 100% satisfied.

So, what we started doing was, once we had delivered the product to a customer we took a deep breath and asked, “would you mind leaving us a review on our Facebook page or Google page?”

Feeling scared and anxious and waiting we found a few things happened…

1, It turns out being nice approachable people and treating customers like real people and not just orders is a good thing and our customers started leaving reviews, not so much about the products but the service they received.

2, Every time we received a review on Google our website ranking went up, we went from page 8 locally to page 1 within our first 10 reviews…  WOW!

3, When people searched for a company that provides print or embroidery locally or printed mugs, stickers or merchandise people compare the reviews and we get more enquiries.

4, When someone leaves a review all of their audience can see that they have left a review and now they can see you too, so if it is on Facebook you actually gain more followers.

5, (and this is the best part) … because customers have actually written something about us it is then engraved into the mind, so when they are talking to someone and are asked “do you know where I can go for printed t shirts or embroidered workwear in Torquay” it’s an instant recommendation.

6, When we received reviews we shared this around ie on LinkedIn on Twitter, on Facebook and generally just celebrated, this in turn generated more inquires and people that we have never worked with started recommending us, which we are so grateful for.

So, if you do a good job don’t be afraid to not only ask to be recommended but ask for that powerful review.

And in turn when you receive some great service / a fantastic product leave that company / person a review or recommendation because you know how much power that can hold and the difference it makes, even if it just puts a smile on that person’s face, it only takes a minute and can make a real difference.

When was the last time you left a positive 5 star review ?

Please check out our Facebook reviews HERE

or our Google reviews HERE

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